A Kiss Goodbye

Alise lounged against the leather seat of the booth and watched the man she was going to kill. Randy something or another, she recognized him by a picture her boss had given her. She studied him, sleek black suit, with matching pants, new shoes. His cheeks were red with laughter, he’d already had too much to drink. It would be a simple operation, sliding in and out without anyone noticing. Her boss would have to get her a better contract after tonight, and there would be no more questioning her talents.

He looked up from the dark beer at her and gave her a clumsy smile. She hid a shy one of her own and looked down at her hands. He was easily baited, and came quickly, sliding into the booth with her. Pine, whiskey, and petroleum engulfed her as he sidled up to her side.

    “Howdy, ma’am. How’re you this evenin’?” His words reverberating of Texas, slightly slurred, and stinking of alcohol. Alise laughed and leaned forward, the low cut dress catching the overhead lights.

    “As good as a single lady may do in this town,” She sighed, letting a piece of loneliness taint her voice, “How about yourself?”

    “I’m swell,” He drawled and slid a hand across the silky fabric of her dress, “Any chance I could get you a drink?”

    “It’d be a shame to refuse,” The woman told him, another painted smile and a brush of her hands against his, “I like anything with a bit of a kick.”

    Randy jumped at the chance quickly slamming his money against the wood counter. In his haste, he’d left behind his drink. She slid the drink over to herself, out of his sight. Her sapphire ring glittered in the fluorescent light, and she twisted the small knob on the side. Out poured a string of white powder, which she was careful not to inhale, falling like snow into the dark beer. 120 milligrams would be enough to do the job and, if he took it now, it would only about a 15 minute wait.

She liked Strychnine because of this, quick and alcohol soluble-with a bit of coaxing of course. The convulsions would be easy to disguise as pleasure. Carefully, she stirred the beer, watching the particles dissolve. As he was approaching the table once more, she removed her finger and dried it on the napkin.

“By the way, might I ask fer a name?” He slid into the booth next to her, and placed a margarita in front of Alise. It certainly not a drink with as much of a kick as she preferred, but she laughed and thanked him anyway.

“I’m Alise.” She took a sip of her drink, while he reclaimed his own.

“Do you make a habit of stealin’ other peoples’ drinks?”

“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself, I wanted a taste, I hope that’s ok?” She widened her eyes, apologetically and folded a loose strand of blond hair behind her ear. He coughed a bit, straightening his suit, already hooked, she could see, and ready to have his way with her.

“Sure thing, maybe later I can return the favor for ya.” His eyes wiggled like a mesh of squirming worms,“Is there somethin’ in this?”

Her eyes inspected the glass, tiny white spots were visibly floating around, raising themselves up with the bubbly beverage. It hadn’t fully dissolved, but that didn’t mean it was reason to panic. She slid closer to him and peered into the drink before shrugging.

“They were there before, I thought it was just the foam settling in,” She paused to purposely take another sip of the drink, it would be easier to feign intoxication later, “And I do believe you owe me a name.”

“I’m Randy.” He held his hand over to shake hers. His eyes were still focused on the glass, but her innocent excuse won him over and the liquid slid down his throat. As he did so, sparkly white nails ran along the soft skin of his arm. Their bodies were close together, trading waves of heat.

4 minutes of small talk and she ‘confessed’ to forgetting how much of a lightweight she was. A few well placed giggles and flirty remarks and she’d convinced him to come to the back with her. No one noticed the two pass the bathrooms and enter the empty stock room. She feigned a couple stumbles and slurred apologies.

9 minutes left, the countdown continued. In the dark, back room, he pressed her to the wall, kissing her on the neck. Alise was careful not to kiss his lips, as she would prefer not attract any stray drops of poisoned beer. His hands barely had time to run along her skin a few times before the spasms started.

He cried for help, of course, and she pretended to look for it, running out of his line of sight. In the shadows, Alise watched as he collapsed to the floor. The convulsions did not last long, it seemed she’d given him too much. That was a shame, part of the fun was watching them squirm. She relieved him of his wallet and clothes, they would sell for a good price. Freed of his valuable possessions, Alise leaned over and pressed her pinks lips to the top of his forehead.  Soon the staff would find him, no sign or trace of her except for the imprint of lips on skin.  It was a cheap brand, something anyone could buy anywhere. The cameras would show a blonde with a teal dress stumbling out of the bar, the officials wouldn’t be looking for a ginger. Her heels clicked as she walked away, another successful mission.