A Brief Over-View Into Me

Hello there! My name is Jasmine. As some of you have probably hoped to learn from this, I’m a writer. I’ve spent a good chunk of my life writing in my free time, obsessing over books, and getting distracted by video games. For the most part, I partake in fiction writing (mostly novel length) and have dabbled a little in other genres. Honestly, I started this blog as a way to continue practice my writing (adding to the practice I got from writing Fan Fiction in my older days) and hopefully provide some fun stories for anyone who reads this along the way.

Now that we’ve gotten the writer stuff out of the way, let me give a little warning ahead of time: I can definitely be considered a nerd. Maybe not in the way some consider the label, but in the way that I enjoy many television series and books. While I am more into live action shows (such as Arrow, Flash, and Once Upon A Time) I do enjoy some anime (Hetalia is my main obsession that carried on through high school). I read a lot of young adult fiction probably because I like how fast and exciting they are-for the most part.

And if you were curious as to who I am in real life here are some facts for you as well! I am born and raised Minnesotan (the US state that everyone thinks is basically Canada and is super nice all the time). I have two siblings- a brother and a sister and a pair of parents to go with that. I love to spend time pestering my dog about dropping his ball so I can throw it (he hasn’t quite grasped the concept that I will toss it if he gives it to me) and snuggling with my guinea pig while I settle into a good movie or book. It’s not the most exciting of lives, but I like it and it’s comfortable.